Elderwood Gardens


Hellebores in the walled beds at the front of the estate are just one of the lovely plants to enjoy in the gardens here. While we’re on the subject here’s a link to the website of Andrea Perry who takes care of the communal gardens, for those of you in properties with private gardens who might like help with design and maintenance


Crystal Palace Park History


The history of Crystal Palace Park


Spring is sprung at Elderwood


Pretty snowdrops dotted around the estate let us know that Spring is here – lovely!

Elderwood Parking Plan

Residents are asked to be considerate to their neighbours by parking in their allocated parking space only (1 per property) as shown here Elderwood Place – Parking Plan

Recycling at Elderwood

As of April 2015 Rubbish & Recycling Collections will both be collected on TUESDAY. Please can all residents make sure they use the clear recycling sacks rather than an assortment carrier bags, or leaving recycling wasted exposed in plastic boxes which some households have in their bin areas. Many of the bin areas on the estate look a terrible mess as the recycling builds up for collection – particularly the bin areas for flats with multiple households. Lambeth provides the a roll of the clear sacks free of charge to every household in the borough 3 times a year, but they often doesn’t supply enough for every door number at Elderwood, so if you run out you can order them via the link below – or they are can be collected from locations such as Brixton Library and Brixton Town Hall. http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/rubbish-and-recycling/rubbish-collections/order-clear-recycling-sacks-recycling-bags

Many items are NOT recyclable from home including polystyrene, plastic bags and shredded paper – the full list is shown on this link: http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/rubbish-and-recycling/recycling/recycling-from-home-guide#what-cannot-be-recycled-from-home

All food containers should be washed thoroughly before placing them in the sacks to avoid attracting animals to the bags which get ripped open and the contents scattered around the estate. Cardboard boxes and packaging are not be left out whole for recycling – please break down all bulky items and place them inside the sacks for recycling. Our Lambeth recycling team are very good and often take items whether or not they are in the recycling sacks, but please don’t be lazy – make their job a little easier and keep the bin areas as tidy as possible for everyone




Summertime Watering


Although our gardener, Andrea Perry, does her best of keep the communal gardens hydrated during the spring/summer months, it would be a really big help if you are able to water the plants closest to your property when we have a prolonged period of dry weather to help the plants survive

Window Cleaning 2015

Window Cleaning at Elderwood – following the flyer distributed to residents this week and the first clean yesterday the remaining quarterly cleans for this year will take place on June 11th  |  September 3rd  |  December 10th

5th March 2015

A lovely sunny morning at Elderwood with the first quartely window clean for this year and tree maintenance on the estate today. Unfortunately this has had to include the removal of two rowan trees at the back of the estate along Stable Mews which, for reasons unknown, died in the last year

Lambeth Rubbish & Recycling Collections

Since moving to  Tuesday and Thursday collections, you will have noticed that Lambeth Council have become extremely strict regarding our waste. Please ensure that you separate household waste from recyclable waste, do not over fill your bin, do not put garden waste in your bin.  Please put recyclable items in orange bags and place them neatly in the bin areas, or next to your wheelie bin if a house owner/occupier.  Residents are requested to leave all rubbish and recycling bags in the bin bays, and nowhere else, particularly not on pathways or in flower beds. They are ugly, present a trip hazard, and are often ripped open and the contents scattered by animals at night. See the new rubbish and re-cycling regulations on the Lambeth website:




Reminder to shareholders: Especially if you are renting your property please ensure that the restrictions in your lease or covenants and basic information on living in Elderwood are passed on to your agent and tenant/s prior to the start of any tenancy and adhered to:

  • The front driveway is one-way for vehicles – ‘IN’ school-end gate  ‘OUT’ lodge-end gate
  • Please ensure your tenants have the property’s unique key-pad number for the pedestrian gate
  • Do not force the pedestrian gate open – it’s slow, but please be patient and leave it to open on its own – forcing will damage it
  • Park in your allocated parking bay.  Do not park along Stables Mews. We have received complaints from Lambeth and residents that they have difficulty in manoeuvring their vehicles around cars and cycles parked on the Stables Mews slip road. It is also the dedicated access for Fire Crews for the estate so it should not be obstructed
  • Please do not dump rubbish on the estate – arrange with Lambeth if you require a special rubbish collection for large pieces of furniture, fridges etc lambeth.gov.uk
  • Recycling information lambeth.gov.uk/
  • Bin collections take place on Tuesday
  • Recycling collections take place on Thursdays
  • Food-waste bins and are emptied on Thursdays
  • Please do not drop cigarette butts around the estate
  • Please do not use the orange recycling bags for household rubbish – Lambeth says that if residents continue to do so they will no longer issue the recycling sacks and each resident will have to source and purchase their own lambeth.gov.uk
  • Deliveries to Elderwood have to be managed because of our security gates.  Please arrange for the delivery driver to call you on arrival so you can let them in
  • There is very little sound-proofing between the floors and walls of our buildings, so please be mindful of unreasonable noise-nuisance.  If changing from carpet to a wood or laminated floor please ensure that you also lay a high density soundproof underlay
  • No ball games on the Green please. ERA is not insured for any accidents or breakages, the plants suffer, and it is inconsiderate to neighbours whose properties face onto it
  • The Green is for the enjoyment of all residents. Children must be supervised at all times and noise should be kept to a minimum
  • Satellite dishes and external aerials are not allowed
  • Pets are only allowed to stay with permission from the freeholder
  • Communal hallways should not be used for storage
  • At the end of a tenancy please ensure that gate fobs are returned to you
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